Business Strategy

Our solutions provide flexible expertise integration and end-to-end project lifecycle management, ensuring efficient scaling and successful outcomes.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a strategy of hiring skilled resources on an external basis to cover necessary positions in your team temporarily or permanently. Our Staff Augmentation Service brings you highly skilled and well-trained individuals to work directly under your current leadership.

3Sigma’s augmented staff addresses many problems

It is not bound by geographic limitations

It reduces costs for in-house employees

Each worker is fully experienced, trained, and comes with their own equipment

No long-term commitment is required

Labor as needed. Get exactly what you need, when you need it

Our staff augmentation service is ideal for

Sales and Marketing

Data Entry Management

Remote Marketing and Back Office Support

SEO and Copywriting

Design and Website Administration

Project Outsourcing

When projects demand specialized expertise, our project support offers seasoned professionals without long-term commitments. At 3Sigma, we bridge technical gaps in areas like project management, digital marketing, design, and SEO, amplifying your capabilities smartly.

We provide expert resources to fast-track projects, freeing your team for core tasks and minimizing turnaround time.

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Ready to make a real change?

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