Data Science & Strategy

We transform data into revenue-boosting strategies! Our specialized expertise in deciphering complex data sets empowers you to make precise decisions that drive growth.

Analytics & Data Science

At 3Sigma Digital, we combine statistics, AI, and data analysis to extract insights from collected data. Our data science process involves preparing and aggregating data, enabling advanced calculations and model building for valuable business insights. 

We present these insights visually, helping you understand patterns, correlations, and outliers. Our data visualization management sharpens your understanding of KPIs, aids goal setting, and supports strategic planning.

Data Studio

Google Data Studio transforms data into customizable, shareable dashboards.

We tailor these reports to your business needs and user roles, streamlining strategy development by consolidating market, customer, competitor, and company data in a single location.

Website Tag Management

A tag, also known as a pixel, is code integrated into websites for tracking user behavior and data.

With accurate tag management, we ensure your web tracking and analytics are at their best, setting the stage for data-driven success.

Digital Strategy

Affiliate Marketing, a win-win advertising model that rewards third-party publishers for driving traffic or leads to a company’s offerings. This low-risk, high-reward approach benefits brands and marketers alike.

Our agency collaborates with platforms like Commission Junction to position your business for affiliate channel success, ensuring a thriving partnership.

P&L and Balance Sheet Analysis

A Profit & Loss (P&L) statement summarizes a company’s revenues, expenses, and profits/losses, showcasing its sales prowess and financial management.
Optimizing P&L and balance sheets unveils challenges and informs strategic decisions. At 3Sigma Digital, we offer expertise to mitigate long-term financial risks strategically.

High Level Planning

High-Level Planning stands as a pivotal task for management teams, involving resource allocation and project initiation.

3Sigma Digital offers expert guidance in orchestrating efficient operations, ensuring tasks are executed timely and effectively, all with the goal of maximizing ROI.


As e-commerce consultants, we delve into the heart of your business, crafting a dynamic roadmap to bridge gaps and enhance operations.

Implementing effective strategies will significantly affect your competitiveness in the next few years. At 3Sigma Digital, we want to remove operational headaches to make you more effective so you can focus on leveling up your business.

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Ready to make a real change?

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