Design & Development

Our expert design and development services will craft your online presence, driving impactful results. Elevate your business today and stand out in the digital world by unleashing your brand’s full potential.


Our team understands your goals, values, and audience to create a design language that truly speaks to your customers


Connect with your target audience on a new level! We provide professional photography services for your business, including model photos, product photos and photo editing services.

We’ll capture the essence of your brand in every frame to make your service and products stand out amongst your competitors.

Content Creation and Social Media

Convert followers into devoted customers as you elevate brand awareness and revenue!

By analyzing your target audience, market trends, and multiple data points, our social media team will model pathways and create best practices personalized for your brand. Our service includes:


Guided content strategy

In depth research about your market

An A/B testing approach


Content creation


Optimization of accounts for search engine optimization

Best practices personalized for your brand


We don’t just create visually stunning platforms – we engineer experiences that captivate users and drive results!

Web Design

At 3Sigma Digital we specialize in creating Shopify websites for direct to consumer (DTC) and omni-channel brands. We analyze your business in its entirety, using analytics to constantly improve your customer journey.

We are experts in developing websites that aren’t only aesthetically pleasing but whose code is optimized for performance to help SEO, conversion rates, and loading time.

App Development

We provide expert business analysis, design, and development of your mobile application from idea to launch, integrating the new product into your infrastructure.

We work across both the iOS App Development Platform and the Android App Development Platform to develop apps that align seamlessly with your business requirements.


As e-commerce consultants, we delve into the heart of your business, crafting a dynamic roadmap to bridge gaps and enhance operations.

Implementing effective strategies will significantly affect your competitiveness in the next few years. At 3Sigma Digital, we want to remove operational headaches to make you more effective so you can focus on leveling up your business.


At 3Sigma Digital, we prioritize efficiency. We’ll help you decide how to apply automation, giving your employees more time to focus on business growth. 

We guide technology choices, ensure widespread adoption, and deliver increased productivity, higher production rates, and reduced costs.

High Level Planning

Initiating a new project means crafting a high-level plan that encompasses budgets, timing, resources, and goals. At 3Sigma Digital, we’re your compass! 

We guide you on the ‘what,’ ‘when,’ and ‘who’ of efficient operations, ensuring success and maximizing ROI.

Website Optimization

At 3Sigma Digital We’ll enhance your visibility, lead generation, and conversions by targeting top search rankings.

We analyze data, fix technical glitches with software, set up optimization tools, and test visuals and layouts to drive superior SEO and conversion outcomes.

Custom Development Solutions

At 3Sigma Digital, we craft personalized solutions that propel your business forward. By analyzing your needs, we design tailored fixes that alleviate pain points, utilizing unique tools for enhanced efficiency.

Our Process:

  1. Analyze processes and requirements
  2. Design and plan solutions
  3. Develop and implement
  4. Test and integrate
  5. Maintain and support

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